Weight Loss and Hypnosis

Have you got a sweet tooth that you’re struggling to control? Feel like your diet and exercise is getting you nowhere? We can help! Using the gentle methods of hypnotherapy we’ll help you eliminate unhealthy cravings and get your weight loss goals back on track.

This method has proven to show significant results in boosting your desire for healthy foods and controlling appetites for prolonged periods. Get your snacking habits under control and gain a sense of health and wellbeing today!


The SOLUTION is surprisingly easy.HYPNOSIS can help to:
  • eliminate unhealthy ‘cravings’
  • boost desire for healthy foods
  • control appetite – feel satisfied longer
  • eliminate ‘sweet tooth’
  • gain a sense of health and wellbeing
  • create more energy
  • enhance nutrition for mother/baby
  • provide a better environment for developing baby

Relaxation &/or Remedial MASSAGE help to relax/renew the body, and HYPNOTHERAPY helps to reprogram our powerful subconscious minds with the logical intentions of our conscious minds