Infant Massage

Infant Massage

Babies are beautiful!

But NOT when they are screaming at you for hours – when no matter what you do, you can’t find or stop the problem!

However –

Regular INFANT MASSAGE by parents:

  • Eases pain of colic & intestinal difficulties.
  • Helps premature babies.
  • Strengthens babies immune system.
  • Helps babies & parents to relax.
  • Strengthens babies bonding and trust.
  • Stimulates babies cognitive and physical development.
  • Allows longer and deeper sleep for babies (and every one else!).


You can easily be taught how to massage your baby.

Relaxation &/or Remedial MASSAGE help to relax/renew the body, and HYPNOTHERAPY helps to reprogram our powerful subconscious minds with the logical intentions of our conscious minds