Hypno Pregnancy and birthing

Hypno Pregnancy and birthing


You can Hypno program a healthy, happy pregnancy – increasing the probability of each stage of pregnancy to proceed exactly as it should, and produce a healthy, happy baby, with a relaxed, happy mum.

You can ‘program’ your body for a wonderful, powerful birth experience, with no, or minimal need for medical interventions.

So, throw out the idea that childbirth is painful, (creating the fear that makes it so).

Hypnosis relaxes, and prepares mothers for a gentler, much easier birth – safer and easier for mothers; safer for babies!

Fathers, too, can be trained to an invaluable coach to the birthing mother, making sure she feels supported, and has everything she needs, when she wants it. And, powerfully participating in this amazing event.

Happier experiences for everyone!

Relaxation &/or Remedial MASSAGE help to relax/renew the body, and HYPNOTHERAPY helps to reprogram our powerful subconscious minds with the logical intentions of our conscious minds