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Caring For Your Mind and Body

The stresses and strains of modern 21stC life take their toll on our minds and bodies. Relaxation &/or Remedial MASSAGE help to relax/renew the body, and HYPNOTHERAPY helps to reprogram our powerful subconscious minds with the logical intentions of our conscious minds, i.e., removing unhelpful, even harmful ‘programs’ in the subconscious (smoking, fears, cravings for unhealthy foods, the belief the birthing has to be the most  painful experience you will ever have), so that our logical, conscious mind is aligned with our powerful subconscious! And, both massage and hypnotherapy enable you to relax, and have better quality sleep.

  • Pregnant mums can benefit greatly from both Massage, and HypnoBirthing, for a relatively pain free, gentle, natural and joyful birthing event. A wondrous experience – for the mother, her partner, and most importantly, her baby!
  • Weight-loss and Quit Smoking Hypnosis can quickly and easily enable you to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Students can use hypnotherapy to gain better focus/concentration, and to access their memory more effectively.
  • Athletes can ‘program’ their mind/body for greater performance!
  • You can take all that ‘well-meaning’ advice about the pain and tribulations ahead and have an awful time, with a prolonged, painful birthing…
  • You can use the services of Kyneton Massage and Hypno Therapies who can help you have a more WONDERFUL PREGNANCY, and a speedier, easier birthing experience producing a happy, contented baby!
  • A happy baby that lets his/her parents sleep at night!

Health Giving Benefits of Massage Therapy- with essential oils!

Massage helps to provide relaxation, relief of stress, unknotting tense, aching muscles.
Massage stimulates the body’s production of endorphins, boosting its own immune and healing systems and producing a wonderful feeling of well-being.
With use of pure essential oils, massage also aids cellular renewal, soothes nerves and loosens stiff joints.
Massage aids digestion, and by stimulating the lymphatic system, it helps speed up the elimination of waste products.


  • I am glad I came to Marianne to lose weight with Hypnosis, because: Hypnosis has tapped into my sub-conscious and has totally eliminated my cravings for sugar and all unhealthy foods. Hypnosis has allowed me to go into my sub-conscious and change everything that has stopped me from losing weight. After the 1st session, I walked out with a sense of relaxation that I have never felt before. I'm really glad that I decided to have the hypnotherapy, even though I had doubts, that I expressed to Marianne. Now I know I can achieve my results that I'm striving towards.

  • The only problem I had with it was at the 'mums/bubs' meetings I attended afterwards, most of the talk was about dealing with the sleep deprivation they were all experiencing, and how to get their babies to sleep through the night. I was bored, because I didn't have that problem. My baby slept at night from the start!